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A wand is a Thaumaturge's most basic, and potentially most essential, tool. Wands are made from a combination of Wand Cores, also known as Rods, and Caps, but the most basic wand is created out of 2 iron Caps and a stick - the Iron Capped Wooden wand. Although this wand has a very limited supply of Vis storage and suffers a penalty of 10% to the Vis channeled through it (it costs 10% more Vis for recipes), it is necessary to create the Thaumonomicon, which competes with the wand for the most essential tool at a Thaumaturge's disposal. However, Wands can be crafted out a variety of Cores and Caps, all of which, excepting the aforementioned Iron Capped Wooden Wand, are unlocked via research in the Thaumonomicon. Wand Foci can be attached to Wands, items researched in the Thaumaturgy tab of the Thaumonomicon, and are used to create and activate different mutliblock structures that are also researched in the Thaumonomicon.

Types of Wand Cores

*These are all Elemental Wand Cores, given by the same research option.


Caps are added to Wands to channel the Vis into and out of the Wand Core. The material used for the Cap affects how quickly the Wand is charged and how much Vis is actually used in actions.

Types of Wand Caps