Wand Focus: Portable Hole is a Wand Focus/Research subtitled "Never be without an exit again", available after completing Wand Focus: Excavation, Wand Focus: Equal Trade, and Infusion.


When right-clicked on a block, it turns blocks in a set radius to extra-dimensional space for a few seconds, as well as drain 25 Aer, Perditio, and Terra vis. This extra-dimensional space can be moved through as if it was air. However, once the space disappears, if inside it, you will suffocate, most likely to death. If aimed down into the ground, anyone who steps in it will probably fall to their death. This is, however, a great offensive weapon if you can time it correctly.


Making a Wand Focus: Portable Hole requires you to infuse an Ender Pearl with 3 nether quartz, a Perditio, Terra, and Aer shard, as well as 10 Alienis, 25 Motus, 25 Perditio, and 10 Permutatio essentia. The aforementioned Ender Pearl can be a good source for the Alienis.

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