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Wand Focus: Excavation is a research option found under the Thaumaturgy tab that becomes available for research after researching Wand Foci. It is one of the several Wand Foci, and allows for one to use their Wand or Staff to mine at the cost of Vis.


The base Focus has a cost of 1 Terra Vis per second, and takes approximately .2 seconds to break a single block of dirt and approximately .5 seconds to break a block of stone. Although not very fast, it can be used to mine any earth-like material (I.e. iron ore, stone, dirt, coal ore, etc.) efficiently, but is substantially slower attempting to break items outside of this, such as logs, for example. It, like all Wand Foci, can be upgraded to improve its abilities and efficiency. Because it mines, even in its base state, at a decent rate, and won't break, unlike most pickaxes, is available early on and can be stored along with other useful Foci in the Focus Pouch, the Excavation Focus can be a very useful tool early on for mining, especially if enchanted. However, one can easily use large amount of Terra Vis from the Aura quickly, meaning that unless one is far from home or in an area of little concern to them, the Aura can quickly be depleted and become tainted. Because of this, later researches, such as Void Metal, can quickly render this Focus obsolete.


It can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 4 Earth Shards in each corner, 4 nether quartz in the middle left and right and middle top and bottom sections, and 1 emerald in the center, along with 50 Ordo and 75 Terra and Perditio Vis.

The crafting recipe for the Wand Focus: Excavation, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.