Wand Focus: Equal Trade is a Wand Focus/Research subtitled "This for That", available after researching Wand Foci.


To first use Wand Focus: Equal Trade, you must first sneak and right click on a block that you have in your inventory. The block and the amount of it in your inventory will replace the wand focus display (in your top left corner when holding your wand). Left clicking on any block will switch it for the selected block, gaining that block into your inventory. Right clicking will transform a 7x7 square of blocks radiating outwards from that block. If you do not have enough blocks in your inventory, it will not work. It will also spend 1 Ordo, 1 Perditio, and 3 Terra vis.


To craft Wand Focus: Equal Trade, you will need an Arcane Workbench. Place Quicksilver into the center, bordered by nether quartz, with Balanced Shards in the corners. You will also need 150 Ordo, 150 Perditio, and 100 Terra vis to complete the crafting.

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