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Wand Foci are both a category of item and an inherently available research under the Thaumaturgy tab. Wand Foci are items that can be attached to Wands or Staves using, by default, the F key, to manipulate the Vis in the tool for a specific purpose. These purposes vary from the first and most basic focus, capable of shooting flames at one's enemies, to more complex foci, allowing one to build with ease or to create temporary passages through solid materials. The actual research topic of Wand Foci allows the creation of the Wand Focus: Fire, which was mentioned earlier as being able to shoot flames. Although most Wand Foci are craftable, there are some that can only be found through exploration. For example, the Wand Focus: Vis Shard can only be found as a relatively rare drop from an Ancient Autocaster in the Outer Lands. There are about 11 different known Foci in the game, all of which can be useful at one point or another, making it very useful to have another item under the Thaumaturgy tag, the Focus Pouch, to carry them all on one's person. Although Wand Foci can be "enchanted", this not only requires further research, but also does not follow the traditional means of enchanting, instead using the Focal Manipulator. As mentioned earlier, Wand Foci are both a category of items and a research, and it must be stressed the the research option only unlocks a singe Wand Focus for creation, the others must be researched individually or found. Wand Foci all require a Nether quartz along with Vis shards correlating to their function, along with a form of catalyst also relating to their function, such as magma cream for the Wand Focus: Fire. As an added note, creatures killed by Wand Foci still drop experience and their normal items, and foci such as the Wand Focus: Shock do not create creatures such as zombie pigmen from pigs or charged creepers from creepers.

Wand Focus: Fire

Because it seems redundant to create an entirely different page for the Wand Focus: Fire, it will be contained on this page. The Wand Focus: Fire is created at an Arcane Workbench using 4 Nether quartz and Fire shards, along with a fire charge and then imbued with 100 Ignis and 50 Perditio Vis. When used, the focus deals damage and also sets the target on fire. Although this renders the focus near useless for places such as the Nether, it is adept at gathering cooked meats from animals, and can be used during trips to quickly gather food in large amounts, as the focus uses relatively little Vis and has a decently wide spread. However, creatures killed by damage caused by the focus do not drop their items as though they had burned to death, and as so these creatures most be simply lit on fire and allowed to die from it. The wand focus can also not destroy items, and has no affect on the environment, such as being able to light flammable blocks on fire.

The crafting recipe for the Wand Focus: Fire as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack

Wand Foci

Below is a list of all of the currently known Wand Foci:

  • Wand Focus: Vis Shard