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The crafting recipe for inert Void Metal Wand Caps, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. This is the unusable form of the Cap.

Void Metal Wand Caps is a mostly harmless Forbidden research option found under the Eldritch tab that becomes available to research after researching Void Metal, along with being a type of Cap, as the name suggests, to be used in crafting Wands and their variants. Void Metal Caps don't offer as low of Vis usage as even Thaumium, channeling it no better than, to quote the Thaumonomicon, Gold or Brass. However, it has the benefit of increasing the charging rate of the Wand, Staff or Scepter they are placed onto by 2, meaning that they charge at a rate of 3 Vis per cycle. These Caps are good for one that wishes to recharge the tool they are placed onto, but can be overshadowed by the higher efficiency offered by Thaumium Caps. As with Thaumium Caps, however, simply shaping the metal is not enough - Void Metal Caps must also be charged in a similar manner by Infusing them with 4 Salis Mundus and 18 Alienis, Auram, Potentia and Vacuos Essentia, with the recipe being classified as having a Very High Instability. The Caps themselves can be created at an Arcane Workbench in the standard Cap shape using 5 Void Metal nuggets and 72 Perditio, Aer, Ordo and Ignis Vis.


Recharge Rate: 3

Efficiency: 100%

Cost: Expensive/Time consuming

The Infusion recipe for Charged Void Metal Wand Caps, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. This is the usable form of the Cap.