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The crafting recipe for the Void Metal Essentia Smeltery, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

The Void Metal Essentia Smeltery is both a research option under the Alchemy tab that can be researched after scanning a Primordial Pearl, unlocking a research page of the same name, and after researching the Thaumium Essentia Smeltery, along with being an item. It is the third and final tier of Essentia Smelteries, and as such is very difficult to construct, or even obtain the research to, requiring a trip to the Outer Lands. The Smeltery has an efficiency of approximately 95%, however, it outputs the slurry it produces at a rate only slightly faster than the standard Essentia Smeltery. Because of the greatly increased efficiency, however, the lower speed is well worth the cost, saving materials as opposed to fuel and time. The increase in efficiency also decreases the amount of Flux being outputted into the Aura, making it even more so useful. However, as stated before, it is difficult to construct. The final product, the Smeltery itself, requires 5 Void Metal ingots, a Thaumium Essentia Smeltery, 2 Brass Plates and an Advanced Alchemical Construct to create at an Arcane Workbench. The Smeltery is created with the 5 Void Metal ingots arranged in an upside-down helmet like shape in the bottom 3 and middle left and right sections, the Advanced Alchemical Construct in the center, 2 Brass Plates in the top corners and the Thaumium Essentia Smeltery in the top middle section, along with 750 Aqua and Ignis Vis. The total amount of materials needed comes down to: 9 Void Metal ingots, 27 iron ingots, 5 Thaumium ingots, 6 Brass ingots, 5 Greatwood planks, 10 Essentia Tubes, 10 Essentia Valves, 13 cobblestone, and 1 Primordial Pearl, along with 1,325 Aqua, 1,125 Ignis and 200 Terra and Ordo Vis. The Void Metal Essentia Smeltery acts like either of its two precipitants, being able to be augmented in all the same ways.

Advanced Alchemical Construct

The Advanced Alchemical Construct is created with a Primordial Pearl in the center along with 4 Alchemical Constructs in the middle left and right top and bottom sections, and 4 Void Metal ingots in all 4 corners, along with 200 Terra, Ordo and Aqua Vis. The only current use it has is in the creation of the Void Metal Essentia Smeltery.

The crafting recipe for the Advanced Alchemical Construct, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.