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The Alchemy recipe for Void Metal, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

Void metal is both a research option under the Eldritch tab and a crafting component. Void Metal is a mid to late game crafting material used to make weapons, armor, and is also used in some crafting recipes. Although Void Metal is weak, having only slightly more durability than stone tools and being solidly in-between leather and iron armor, tools made from it are slightly faster than iron tools and are capable of breaking anything a diamond tool could, and armor made of it are only slightly weaker than diamond armor in protectiveness. The Void Sword also does equally as much damage as a diamond sword, 7, but also inflicts weakness for a few seconds on any enemy hit with it. However, the most attractive property or Void Metal is the ability for things made of it to slowly repair themselves. By combining this property with enchantments such as unbreaking, one can create tools of decent speed without any limitations on what they can destroy, out of the ordinary, that will, with care, never break.


Although it is costly to make, requiring Void Seeds and relatively rare and dangerous to obtain aspect of Vitium, the resources saved in the long run make Void Metal a worthy investment. Void Metal is created via Alchemy, using Void Seeds as the catalyst and 1 Vitium and 7 Metallum aspects. It is advised to create the Ingots in a Thaumatorium, as the Aspects needed are difficult to acquire on their own.