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The Infusion recipe for the Verdant Heart Band, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

The Verdant Heart Band is a research option found under the Artifice tab that becomes unlocked for research after researching Infusion, along with being a ring that can be equipped in the Baubles inventory slots. The Band is capable of healing the player of any negative status effects placed on them, being able to do so up to 20 times on a single charge. As was just implied, the Band has an internal storage of Vis, up to 201 points. For any ill cured, regardless of the potency or duration, 5%, or 10 Vis, of the Band's internal storage is used. As the Band has limited storage capacity, it must be recharged at times to allow its continued use, which can be done through either the Recharge Pedestal or Amulet of Vis. Although it does not heal the player when damage is taken, nor does it provide other necessities such as food or air, when underwater, the Band can be made to one or the other, heal the player or provide them with necessities such as the two listed. This can be done after researching Lifegiver and Sustainer. The Band can be created via Infusion by Infusing a Fancy Ring wit a bucket of milk, a piece of Herba and Victus Crystallized Essence and a Primordial Pearl, along with 48 Herba and Victus and 24 Ordo Essentia. It is classified as being of Moderate Instability. Although the recipe calls for a Primordial Pearl, one can still research the Band before having even started into the Eldritch tab.

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