The Triple Meat Treat is a food item crafted by combining any 3 meat nuggets (acquired by smelting meat in an Infernal Furnace) together with a piece of sugar. The food itself restores 6 points of hunger and gives a currently unknown number of saturation points. This food is convenient for several reasons: it can be made in the player crafting menu, it restores more hunger than 3 meat nuggets individually, meat nuggets are essentially free, costing only Ignis Vis, time, and raw meat, as smelting foods in Infernal Furnaces gives meat nuggets as an extra bonus, and the Triple Meat Treat also gives the player Regeneration for 5 seconds, making it useful not only as a normal food item, but also can be used in a pinch if necessary. They can be stacked in stacks of up to 64 as well.

One variant of the Triple Meat Treat. Crafted in the player crafting menu.

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