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The Outer Lands are a dimension in Minecraft, such as the End or Nether, added by Thaumcraft. They are a late game area, once again likened to the End, and an extremely dangerous place to explore. However, the Outer Lands can only be reached after performing a ritual, Opening the Eye, at an Eldritch Obelisk. Each Obelisk, once the ritual has been performed, will open a different section of the Outer Lands.


The Outer Lands can only be accessed by performing a ritual known as Opening the Eye on an Eldritch Obelisk, which can be found dotting the land. By performing this ritual, one can open a portal which will, almost like the End Portal in the base game, send a player immediately to the Outer Lands. However, this portal can be used to return as well, as opposed to being a one way trip.

Eldritch Obelisk

Eldritch Obelisks, as mentioned above, can be found dotting any and all overworld biomes, excepting ocean biomes and their variants, of course. They are comprised of several outer pedestals and a single central pedestal, with a floating structure above which, and sit on an obsidian and obsidian tile base, which can stretch several blocks deep. These Obelisks may be occupied by either frequently spawning Eldritch Guardians, weaker variants of the same Guardians that inhabit the Outer Lands, or by Crimson Cultists, making some rather dangerous.


When one is spawned into the Outer Lands, they begin in a medium sized room with an obelisk of the same size of an Eldritch Obelisk, but made of a different material, the Ancient Stone that comprises the rest of the area as well. The entirety of the Outer Lands is comprised of nothing but winding, usually unlit tunnels holding 3 different types of new enemies, all of which as deadly as the last. These, however, will be explained later. Many tunnels in the Outer Lands lead to dead ends, meaning that it is important to mark where one has been, where one has come from, and where one should go next. In addition to this, some areas contain Taint, making them dangerous to traverse. Scattered throughout the halls, Ancient Autocasters can also be found, from which the otherwise unobtainable Vis Shard Wand Focus can be found as loot. These Autocasters are equipped with various, but only one per Autocaster, wand Foci, which they have a chance to drop upon being destroyed, along with Void Metal ingots and other various loot. Also, pools of all types of liquids, from lava to Liquid Death, can be found throughout the halls. If walls are tunneled into too far, then a solid wall of Starry Void will be reached, and all light surrounding the hole will be sucked into it, darkening the surrounding area beyond relief until the hole is sealed. These holes can occur naturally, making the corridors even harder to navigate. The most important rooms, however, are rooms containing the Runed Tablet and Boss rooms, explained later.


There are 3 new enemies, excluding the 4 bosses and including the now buffed Eldritch Guardian, found within the tunnels of The Outer lands, them being: the Eldritch Crab, with 10 hearts of health, the Shambling Husk, with 15 hearts of health, and the now full strength Eldritch Guardian, now with Runic Shielding of their own and 25 hearts of health. Eldritch Crabs can either be spawned upon the death of a Shambling Husk, or from the mound like spawners that can be found in the halls leading to and loot rooms found within the maze. Shambling Husks spawn randomly, along with Eldritch Guardians, despite the light level. The Shambling Husks are not inherently dangerous, even in moderate numbers, doing relatively low damage and having relatively low health and armor. However, when they die, Eldritch Crabs take their place. They have less health and damage, but can attach to the player's head, causing damage even when they cannot be seen. They will also jump erratically and swarm the player, making them difficult to kill, and easy to be killed by. Eldritch Guardians, although tougher than before, can be handled fairly easily so long as one has sufficient armor, Runic Shielding and a decent weapon. It is suggested to have Void Metal armor and a Void Metal Sword, preferably enchanted.


There are 4 different Bosses that can be found within special, locked rooms within the halls of the Outer Lands. Although there can be several, or even none, these rooms are easily distinguished from others by the large, formidable locked doors that seal them. They cannot be tunneled into without cheating, and must be opened using a Runed Tablet, which can be found within small rooms scattered throughout the halls as well. These 4 Bosses are all very powerful and are not to be taken lightly. It is advised to backup save files before fighting them, and to create a wall in front of the the gate, leaving only the keyhole, and perhaps a hole to attack through, open. The four different bosses are: the Greater Crimson portal, which acts as a tougher, longer lasting version of the traditional Crimson Portal, and has a chance to spawn the much tougher Crimson Praetor, the Eldritch Warden, a larger and more powerful version of the Eldritch Guardian, also receiving moments of invulnerability and leaving a trail of electricity behind it, harming the player if stood on, the Giant Taintacle, a larger and more powerful version of the normal Taintacle, also accompanied by many smaller Taintacles, and the the Eldritch Construct, a large Golem nearly immune to all fire damage and with a massive amount of health, and even reforming and regenerating half its health on dying, but only once. All four Bosses are very difficult to defeat, but reside in rooms full of urns and crates to loot, along with the possessing the ability to potentially drop a Primordial Pearl, a very rare and powerful item used in high-tier Thaumaturgy, along with treasure bags. The Boss residing behind the gate found is randomized, not preset, so one can backup and load a world save until receiving the desired boss, with the Giant Taintacle being arguably the easiest, but the Greater Crimson Portal offering large amounts of Crimson items.


Scattered throughout the tunnels can be found rooms containing large numbers of Eldritch Crabs and their spawners. However, Eldritch Crabs have a chance to drop an ender pearl upon death, and these loot rooms contain several urns and crates that drop various potions, gems, ingots and other assorted valuables. In addition to this, the Boss rooms contain even more urns and crates, allowing for one to amass large amounts of these items quickly, meaning that a way to transport them should be carried on one's person at all times. The Magical Hand Mirror is a heavily suggested item. Also, many Loot Bags can be dropped from enemies as well, and Tainted items can be dropped in the several tainted areas that can be found throughout the Outer Lands.

Closing Words

Overall, the Outer Lands are as fraught with danger as they are in opportunity, and a trip into any segment of them should be undertaken with caution. Even large amounts of Runic Shielding can be penetrated within a short period of time from persistent enemy attacks, and any armor but Void Metal will surely break before too long, as Aura levels are low. Enemies are present in large numbers around every corner, and great caution should be taken. If the advice given is followed, though, once can expect great reward from an expedition into the Outer Lands.