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The Infusion recipe for the Thaumostatic Harness, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

The Thaumostatic Harness is a research option found under the Artifice tab that can becomes available for research after researching the Arcane Levitator, Infusion and Magical Metallurgy, and is also a piece of armor, functioning as a chest-plate. It offers 3 points of armor and a 3% reduction to the amount of Aer Vis and 1% to the normal Vis one uses, but its main use is bestowing one with the ability flight while it it worn, however, this costs Vis. The Harness can be charged like most any item at both a Recharge Pedestal and while equipped if one is wearing an Amulet of Vis and can be activated, by default, with the 'H' key. The internal buffer holds up to 300 Aer and Ignis Vis, for a total of 600 points of Vis. The Harness burns 1 Ignis and Aer Vis per second of flight, and as such allows for up to 5 minutes of flight on a single charge. This can be expanded, however, if one is wearing an Amulet of Vis. The Harness allows for the user to fly at approximately 2.5 blocks per second, and does not slow the time needed to break blocks, but this can be increased to approximately 10 blocks per second if one has a Thaumostatic Girdle or by sprinting, however, the latter increases the Vis usage greatly, according to the Thaumonomicon. Although not stated, it while equipped it also negates all fall damage. Although the Thaumonomicon entry on the Thaumostatic Girdle also states that it increases the amount of Vis the Harness uses, current testing disproves this, although it may just be a glitch. The Thaumostatic Harness can be created via Infusion by Infusing a leather tunic with 2 iron ingots, Brass Plates, Aer Shards and Greatwood planks and a Morphic Resonator, along with 32 Machina, Volatus and Potentia and 16 Motus Essentia. It is classified as having High Instability.