The Thaumometer is both an inherently unlocked research option in the Artifice tab and tool. Although basic, the Thaumometer will become a very important tool in any Thaumaturge's arsenal, not only allowing one to see Aura Nodes and the aspects contained within, but also allows for the scanning of materials throughout the world. Without a Thaumometer, more complex research in the Thaumonomicon is quite literally impossible. When held in the player's hand, all nearby nodes become visible, and objects that can be scanned emit a stream of question marks. Holding the right mouse button while staring at an object of question will scan it, recording the data and potentially opening new avenues of research in the Thaumonomicon. The Thaumometer is created with 2 of any type of Vis shard placed above and below a piece of glass, with 2 gold ingots beside the glass. It can be crafted in any standard workbench or the Arcane Workbench, however where it is created does not affect it in any way.

The crafting recipe for the Thaumometer, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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