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The Crafting recipe for Thaumium Caps, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Thaumium Wand Caps are a research option under the Thaumaturgy tab that can be researched after researching Brass Wand Caps. After being researched, it allows one to create Thaumium Caps. Due to Thaumium's inherent magical properties, it makes a superior material for focusing Vis, adding a 10% discount to any and all actions performed with the Wand or other similar tool created. They are the fourth tier of Cap available, being considered to be in the same tier as Void Metal Caps, to which the preference lies with the player. They can be crafted at an Arcane Workbench like any Cap using Thaumium nuggets, that is in a helmet like shape with Thaumium nuggets across the entire top row and in the middle left and right sections, along with 48 Ordo, Ignis and Aer Vis. However, the Caps created like this themselves are inert and must be charged via Infusion, to which the process takes 3 Salis Mundus along with 6 Auram and 12 Potentia Essentia. After they have been charged, they can be used in crafting like any other Cap. The Infusion recipe is classified as having Moderate Instability.


Recharge Rate: 1

Efficiency: 90%

Cost: Moderately cheap/moderately little time (must create Thaumium via Alchemy)

The Infusion recipe for Charged Thaumium Caps, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.