A medium sized Thaumic Slime having just landed after jumping. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

Thaumic Slimes can not be found naturally, but rather are generated by puddles of Flux goo that are left lying on the ground for too long. They can spawn this way in any light level, but do not always spawn from Flux goo puddles, they only have a chance to. They, like normal slimes, come in a variety of sizes, but will, unlike slimes, naturally split from large into medium and, possibly, small Thaumic Slimes naturally, as opposed to solely when killed. They will, however, still split into 2 of their smaller counterparts when killed, or, if they are large Thaumic Slimes, may split directly into 4 small Thaumic Slimes. All sizes have a possibility of dropping 0-2 Tainted Goo when killed. They deal 1, 2 and 4 points of damage, respective to their size, and have .5, 4 and 12.5 hearts of health, both of which being in order of small to medium to large. These numbers are approximations and have not been confirmed, however.

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