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The crafting recipe for the Thaumic Dioptra, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

The Thaumic Dioptra is a research option found under the Artifice tab that becomes unlocked for research after researching the Goggles of Revealing, along with being a block. When placed down, it can have any of the eight different Vis Shards, all 6 Primal Shards along with Tainted and Balanced Shards, inserted into it. The block itself, according to what type of shard is placed into it, will display above it the level of that Vis type in the Aura within a diameter of 13 chunks, along with occasionally marking "places of interest", such as Nodes, with small sparkles on the display above it. If any of the 6 Primal Shards or a Tainted Shard are inserted into the device, it will display solely the presence of those types of Vis in the Aura; however, placing a Balanced Shard into the device will render only the highest present Vis type in each chunk, allowing one to, for example, decide where they should recharge their wand with a certain type of Vis. The device also allows one to monitor Vis levels of certain types if they are concerned about those levels falling to low. In addition to this, placing a redstone comparator next to it will help to automate this process, as it will emit a signal if the Aura displayed drops too low. It can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 5 Arcane Stone placed in the top right and left corners along with the entire bottom row, an Arcane Stone slab in the top middle section, 2 iron ingots in the right and left middle sections and a pair of Goggles of Revealing in the middle section, along with 25 Aer, Ordo and Terra Vis.

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A Thaumic Dioptra with an inserted Balanced Shard.