The Staff Core of the Primal is both a Forbidden research option in the Eldritch tab, unlockable after researching the Wand Focus: Primal, Magic Staves, Elemental Wand Cores, and Silverwood Wand Cores, and is also a component used solely for the creation of Staves. The Staff Core of the Primal has the Vis storage of a Silverwood Staff Core, the ability to regenerate all 6 Primal aspects, the normal 10% Vis discount to Wand Foci applied to all Staves, and additionally adds a level of Potency, increasing the strength of a Wand Focus by about 10%, to all Wand Foci used with it. Overall, it is an extremely powerful but a useless Staff Core. It is much more powerful than any of its component parts however it can't be used to make a staff.. This aesthetic comes at a price, however, of being time consuming, resource demanding, and dangerous to make. It is created via Infusion by infusing a Silverwood Rod with all 6 of the Elemental Wand Cores and 2 Primal Charms, along with 28 of all 6 Primal aspects and 56 Potentia Essentia. The recipe is classified as being Very Dangerous in instability, and the research option itself is Moderate level Forbidden Knowledge, giving the user Warp both on completing the research, and upon the creation of the actual item.

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The Infusion recipe for the Staff Core of the Primal, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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