The Silverwood Staff Core is both a research option, unlockable after researching Magic Staves and Silverwood Wand Cores, found under the Thaumaturgy tab and a crafting component, used only for the making of Staves. The Silverwood Staff Core is tied with the Staff Core of the Primal for having the largest Vis storage capacity, being able to hold 750 points of Vis, but lacking its regenerative capabilities. The Silverwood Staff Core is crafted in the same way almost all Staff Cores are, 2 Silverwood Rods placed diagonally in an Arcane Workbench topped off with a Primal Charm and infused with 192 Ordo Vis. As with all Staff Cores, it must have Wand Caps added to be made into a Staff.

The crafting recipe for the Silverwood Staff Core, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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