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The Alchemical recipe for Sanitizing Soap, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Sanitizing Soap is a research option found under the Alchemy tab and can be researched after researching Purifying Bath Salts along with an item. The item itself can be used to clean oneself of all temporary Warp and, on rare occasion, of a small amount of normal Warp. Permanent Warp, however, still cannot be removed from oneself, as the name implies. When used under the effects of a Warp Ward, the chances of removing normal Warp are greatly increased, meaning that one should either find or create Purifying Fluid before using the Soap, as to use it to its highest ability. The Soap itself can be created Alchemically using a block of flesh as the Catalyst along with 16 Alienis, Cognito, Victus and Ordo aspects. As it is difficult to obtain all of these aspects on their own, and because the amount needed will overflow one's Crucible, it is advised to create Sanitizing Soap in a Thaumatorium.