The Infusion recipe for Runic Shielding, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Other armors can be substituted in. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

Runic Shielding Augmentation is a research option in the Artifice tab that is unlocked for research after researching Runic Shielding. This research allows for one to apply Runic Shielding to armors of magical nature and jewelries outside of the pieces of jewelry normally allowed to be Infused with Runic Shielding. To imbue an item with Runic Shielding, it must be part of the Thaumcraft Mod to be counted as "magical in nature". The Shielding is then added via Infusion by Infusing the desired armor or jewelry piece with 1 diamond and then 1 Salis Mundus for every level of Shielding being added and can be added to a technically indefinite scale. The costs start at only 32 Potentia and 16 Preamunio and Vitreous Essentia, but for every level added, these costs double from the last, meaning the equation for calculating the cost of the Infusion process is: y(2^(x-1)), where x is the level of runic shielding being applied and y is 32 or 16, depending on whether one wishes to calculate the Potentia, 32, or Preamunio and Vitreous, 16, Essentia needed. This makes it very difficult to put many levels of Runic Shielding onto an object, but these costs can be reduced by various means as shown in the article over Infusion. The Instability of this recipe begins at Moderate, but increases as more levels are added.

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