2016-06-13 12.39.12

The crafting recipe for the Redstone Relay, as show in the Thaumonomicon.

The Redstone Relay is a research option found under the Artifice tab that can be purchased with 3 levels of experience at any time, along with being a block. As the name implies, it is a device for manipulating redstone currents. It is unique, however, in being able to choose when to activate itself and what strength of signal to output when it does. There are two knobs on the device to do this, the one at the furthest end, away from the torch, allows one to set the signal strength needed to activate the Relay. For example, if the knob is set to 10 and a redstone signal with a strength of 9 is received, the Relay will NOT output any signal. However, if a signal with a strength of 10 or greater is received, the Relay will output a signal of the strength set by the knob set beside the torch in to the front of it. The Relay allows for more advanced redstone systems to be created. One practical application of it within Thaumaturgy would be to, using it along with a Thaumic Dioptra and redstone comparator, would be to alert one if the Aura in a area falls below a certain level. By seeing what redstone signal strength are output at different Aura levels, one could program the system to alert them when the Aura falls below 10% in any of the rendered chunks. However, this is only an example and any numbers or other practical applications desired can be used. The Redstone Relay itself can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 3 stone slabs in the bottom row, a redstone torch in the middle left section, a Brass Gear in the center section, and an Order Shard in the right middle section, along with 5 Ignis and Ordo Vis.