The Alchemy recipe for Purifying Bath Salts, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

Purifying Bath Salts are both a research option found under the Alchemy tab that can be researched after researching Alchemical Manufacture and experiencing a specific Warp event, and are also an item that can be created Alchemically using Salis Mundus as the catalyst along with 6 Aer, Ordo, Cognito and Victus aspects. Purifying Bath Salts must be thrown into water and allowed to decay, and upon doing so turn that single block of water into Purifying Fluid, which will bestow a Warp Ward that disallows the acquisition of Warp for its duration, which varies with how much warp the player currently has. Once the Purifying Fluid has been stood in, the block will disappear and more will need to be created to renew the effect once it has worn off, as it cannot be boosted or reset while it is still active. Currently, if more than 1 are thrown at once, they will decay almost instantly, which may be a glitch. However, their normal rate of decay is 10 seconds each, 30 times lower than a normal item.

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