A Primordial Pearl hovering in the air shortly after being dropped.

The Primordial Pearl is both a research option under the Eldritch tab and an item, the former being unlocked upon scanning the item. The Primordial Pearl can only be found in the Outer Lands, being a drop from one of the four bosses present there. Although it has few uses, the Primordial Pearl is, inherently, very powerful, and is used in several last-tier items and blocks, as well as being a good source of all 6 primal Aspects, along with Vitium as well. This, however, is not advised, as it is very difficult to obtain Primordial Pearls and they offer too low an amount of Essentia to justify their destruction for that purpose. Other than their potential use in the creation of items or the extraction of Essentia, however, the Primordial Pearl is useless other than as a decorative trophy. Unlike previous versions of Thaumcraft, it can not be used to interact with and/or change Aura Nodes. They can be stacked up to 64 at a time, and are non-renewable, the number of Eldritch Obelisks in the world are also limited, and bosses and segments of the Outer Lands do not respawn normally. When dropped by a boss in the Outer Lands, they will hover in the air and glow, such as when items are created Alchemically.

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