Nitor is both a substance and research option in the Thaumonomicon, found under the Alchemy tab. It is available to research as soon as one has obtained a Thauminomicon. Nitor can be used as a source of light equivalent to glowstone, or, more practically, in several crafting recipes. Most notably, it is used to create Golem Cores and the Arcane Lamp. Nitor can be crafted with the 3 aspects of Lux, Ignis, and Potentia, using glowstone dust as the catalyst. An easy way to make Nitor in bulk is either using 3 pieces of glowstone dust or 6 torches, followed by 3 pieces of coal and then adding 2 more pieces of glowstone dust as the catalyst. Using torches, although more labor intensive, does not create any excess of aspects in the Crucible, and as so can be considered more efficient or friendly on the Aura.

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The recipe for Nitor as shown by the Thaumonomicon. Note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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