A Mystical Construct is a structure that is built in a very particular way, usually noted in the Thaumonomicon, and then either imbued with magic or another item to create a new and functioning structure. Examples of such can range from complex, like the Infusion Altar, to very simple, such as the Research Table or Arcane Workbench. They are extremely important within the game, performing functions from allowing one to create high tier powerful items to allowing one to conduct the research needed to even scratch the surface of Thaumaturgy. There are several Mystical Constructs that can be built, them being: The Infusion Altar (and it's variants), the Infernal Furnace, the Arcane Workbench, the Research Table, the Golem Forge, and, arguably, the Apertis Oculus, the ritual also known as Opening the Eye.

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