Metal Purification is a research option found under the Alchemy tab that becomes available for research after discovering Magical Metallurgy. It allows for ores that normally drop themselves, those being gold, iron, and Cinnabar, to be Alchemically purified into Native Clusters, which can be smelted for twice as much of the normal material given. These Clusters can be smelted in an Infernal Furnace for a huge amount of extra materials. Although this is not the only way to create Native Clusters, it is the easiest method to research, and not too difficult to execute, only requiring 1 aspect of Ordo and Metallum to convert any of the three available ore types into their respective Cluster. Other ways of creating Native Clusters are to mine them using the Pickaxe of the Core, or to use a pickaxe with the Refining enchantment, which can only be applied through Infusion Enchantment.

The recipe for a Native Cinnabar Cluster, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. This same recipe can be applied to both gold and iron ore, however. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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