The recipe for Iron Plates, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Iron Plates are the main component of the Iron Golem Body.

Material Studies: Iron is a research option found under the Golemancy tab that can be purchased with 3 levels of experience after researching Material Studies: Wood, and allows for Iron Golem bodies to be produced.

Suggested Uses

Iron is easy to get even early in the game, making Iron a good choice for early combat Golems. Although slow, the Iron Golem can tank damage, along with being able to take the addition of Golem Armor with no penalty to its already reduced speed. Other than this, however, they make poor domestic Golems, as Golems expected to do many tasks should have a Biothaumic Mind, which would weaken the Golem, making it counterproductive.

Iron Golem Body

Health: 15

Armor: 4

Attributes: Fireproof, Blastproof, Heavy Frame

Materials Needed: 3 Iron Plates

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