Master Aura Tapping is a research option found under the Thaumaturgy tab that is unlocked for research after researching Advanced Aura Tapping. Like its prerequisite research, it too allows for one to faster drain Vis from the Aura to replenish Wands As opposed to drawing 2 Vis with each cycle, however, it brings that number up to 3 Vis - triple the original recharge rate of Wands, along with the added benefit of not having to hold the Wand in one's hand to charge it, to which that benefit is added by its prerequisite research, Advanced Aura Tapping. Although the tool being used recharges at the same intervals, it draws more Vis every time it is allowed to, increasing the speed at which the tool can recharge. This does mean that the Aura can be drained even more easily without noticing that one is, however, meaning that research such as Aura Preserver are advised to be researched as well to prevent the buildup of Flux as the Aura is depleted.

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