The Magical Hand Mirror is both a research option and a portable, handheld version of the Magic Mirror. It can be unlocked using 3 levels of experience after researching Mirror Magic. It can not be placed down like the full sized Magic Mirror, however, it can be accessed from the hotbar to directly send one item or stack of items at a time through it to a Magic Mirror, to which it must be linked by right clicking on the desired Mirror with the Hand Mirror. This can be very useful, when used properly, for extended expeditions by allowing one to send back loot through the mirror without headed home to deposit the loot manually. When items are sent through the Hand Mirror to the Magic Mirror, they are spit out one by one through the face of the mirror, meaning that either Hungry Chests or hoppers can be used to catch them and hold/deposit them as so that they will not despawn. If one does not make sure the items are held in some form of container, the items sent through WILL despawn, even if the player is not within rendering distance, as the chunk must be rendered to send the items through. There is a chance of creating Flux while sending items through the Mirror, but this will only be generated on the receiving end. The more items sent through, the more likely the chance of flux being created. The Magical Hand Mirror is created by Infusing a Magic Mirror with a stick, empty map, and compass, along with 16 Motus and Instrumentum Essentia. It is listed as having an instability level of Moderate. The only trade-offs of having the Magical Hand Mirror are that it cannot be placed down, as mentioned before, and that it cannot receive items. However, it is still a very useful item and can be used to greatly extend the distance one can travel while limiting the amount of loot that can be brought back only to one's storage system.

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The Infusion recipe for the Magical Hand Mirror, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

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