The Alchemical recipe for a Bucket of Liquid Death, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Liquid Death is a research option under the Alchemy tab that can be researched after researching Entropic Processing and scanning an item containing the aspect of Mortus. Liquid death can be found in pools of itself, but can only be created inherently in a bucket, the item form being called a Bucket of Liquid Death. The fluid is extremely dangerous, doing a total of 2 hearts of damage, or 4 points, per second, dealing 1 heart, or 2 points, approximately every half second. Asides from being extremely deadly, any creature killed by it will drop Crystallized Essence of the respective types for what creature it is. This makes it not only useful for traps and butchering animals, due to the little time and work it takes to use it to kill, but also useful Thaumturgically for the Crystallized Essence dropped. The fluid will displace any fluid it comes into contact with, excepting lava, which it will flow around, and be displaced by any and all liquids it comes into contact with. It also flows out to a maximum distance of 3 blocks from its source block, and cannot be used to create infinite puddles of itself like water, but is still renewable because there are materials that can be used to make it that are themselves renewable. It can be created Alchemically using a bucket as the Catalyst along with 32 Mortus, Vitreous and Perditio aspects.

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