Infusion Boosting is a research option found under the Artifice tab that can be purchased with levels of experience after researching Infusion. Infusion Boosting allows for the creation of 2 different blocks designed to be placed under the 4 pillars of one's Infusion Altar, these being the Infusion Cost Stone and Infusion Speed Stone. As their names imply, the former helps to reduce the amount of Essentia used in Infusion recipes, but also slightly slows them down, while the opposite is true for the latter. The Infusion Cost Stone reduces costs by approximately 2.75% each, while increasing the duration of an Infusion recipe by approximately 3.125% for each Stone used. On the other hand, the Infusion Speed Stone decreases the duration of Infusion recipes by approximately 12.5% and increases the cost by approximately 1% for each stone. This difference is rather subtle during most recipes, however, when attempting to add large levels of Runic Shielding to items, this cost can be quite hefty, increasing the amounts of Essentia used greatly. Both Stones can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 4 Arcane Stone in all 4 corners and a diamond block in the center, but the Infusion Cost Stone requires 4 Alumentum in the middle left, right top and bottom slots, along with 250 Aqua, Ordo and Perditio Vis, while the Infusion Speed Stone requires Nitor in the previous 4 places and 250 Aer, Ordo and Perditio Vis.

2016-07-09 11.12.50

The crafting recipe for the Infusion Cost Stone, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

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The crafting recipe for the Infusion Speed Stone, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

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