Infusion is both a process, and a research option found under the Artifice tab in the Thauminomicon. Infusion is, as stated in the Thauminomicon, "the process of infusing a single object with mystical energy and the properties of other objects". Infusion is used to access higher tier items that one could not craft at an Arcane Workbench. Some examples of such items are: Boots of the Traveler, Runic Jewelry, Elemental Tools, and other such items. Infusion differs from working with an Arcane Workbench in the sense that Essentia, magic in liquid form, is used as opposed to Vis, magic in the air. In order to research Infusion, one must have first researched Essentia Distillation, found in the Alchemy tab. Infusion also differs from the Arcane Workbench in the sense that the Infusion Altar is a multiblock structure, as opposed to a crafting table like interface. To infuse an item, one must have researched the item they wish to infuse first. The item must then be placed in the pedestal beneath the Infusion Matrix. Through various means, Essentia must also be provided. Lastly, one must have altars surrounding the central pedestal. On these go the items that will be infused to the item in the center. The amount of Essentia needed and the items needed are listed in the Thauminomicon entry of the item being created. To begin the process, one must simply click on the Infusion Matrix with their wand and the process will begin. When building an Infusion Altar, one only needs to build the central structure that forms the core of the Altar to have what is considered by the game an Infusion Altar. However, in order to use it one must also surround it with pedestals. One should try to keep the entire structure as symmetrical as possible when creating it, as an asymmetrical Infusion Altar will be more prone to accidents. As stated by the Thaumnomicon, "Infusion crafting is not without risks. The entire process involves forcing vast energies into a single object. Unpredictable things tend to happen". A static Infusion Altar is completely harmless. However, while infusing items, random accidents, such as the generation of flux or items being knocked off of pedestals, can happen. There are several means to lower the rate and severity of these incidents, some of which need to be researched.

Thauminomicon crafting recipe for the Infusion Matrix

Thauminomicon entry for the building of an Infusion Altar

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