The crafting recipe for the Hungry chest, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

The Hungry chest is a research option under the Golemancy tab that can be purchased for 3 levels of experience after scanning any type of mundane golem and discovering Basic Golemancy as a result. The Hungry Chest has the unique property of being able to pick up any item able to touch it if it is not a solid block in the world. This means that items dropped by the Magic Mirror can be picked up in this manner and deposited into the chest, allowing for a simple system to store items that would otherwise spend a large amount of time being taken in and distributed by hoppers. However, in the absence of other mods, it has relatively few uses. The Hungry Chest is relatively simple to make, being made in an Arcane Workbench and taking only 7 Greatwood planks in an upside-down leggings pattern with any type of trapdoor in the top center section, along with 15 Ordo, Perditio and Aer Vis.

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