The Helm of Revealing is a research option found under the Artifice tab that can be purchased with 3 levels of experience after researching Thaumium Fortress Armor along with being an augmentation for the former. The Helm of Revealing provides both the protection afforded by Thaumium Fortress Armor and the extended senses given by the Goggles of Revealing. In this, one will no longer have to switch from one to the other and potentially forget to switch back in a difficult or dangerous situation. Different Faceplates can be added to the Helm even after this upgrade is applied. The Helm of Revealing can be created by Infusing a Thaumium Fortress Helm with a slimeball and a pair of Goggles of Revealing, along with 32 Sensus and 16 Auram and Preamunio Essentia. It is classified as having an Instability of Moderate.

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The Infusion recipe for the Helm of Revealing.

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