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The crafting recipe for the Vision Module, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Golem Biothaumic Eyes is a research option under the Golemancy tab that can be researched after researching Clockwork Minds. After being researched, it allows for an additional Golem part, which can also be mixed, if it has been researched, with the Biothaumic Mind. The upgrade increased the Golem operational range in Golems equipped with the part to 32 blocks, double the original 16. In order to apply the upgrade, however, one must create the Vision Module, which can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 2 glass bottles placed in the top 2 corners, 2 fermented spider eyes in the middle left and right slots, two Brass Plates in the bottom 2 corners and a Brass Gear in the bottom middle section, along with 25 Aer and Aqua Vis.


Perceptive Head: Fragile, Scout

Biothaumic Head: Fragile, Scout, Smart

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