Golems are mechanical creatures that one can create using knowledge from the Golemancy tab in the Thaumonomicon. They can be created with a wide variety of materials and augmentations, meaning that, while some Golems may be versatile in the tasks they can perform, others will only be able to execute certain commands. Golems cannot be controlled directly, but rather must be given directions through Golem Control Seals, are made blank, but then must be irrevocably assigned a certain task as to instruct Golems. Any Golem within proximity of a Seal that is capable of performing the task set forth by the Seal will try to do so, unless the Golem has been assigned a color by dying it and the Seal is set to a different color than it. Golem Control Seals cannot be seen after being placed down with the naked eye, but rather they, and their areas of influence, are visible with a Golemancer's Bell, which can also, with the proper research, be used to order Golems to follow one, assuming they created them, or to pick up or modify a Seal.

2016-04-09 19.01.15

A picture of the standard Wooden Golem without any augmentations. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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