Forbidden Knowledge is a classification of research. Researches falling under it are usually considered to be evil or otherwise unethical in one form or another. In this, researching pieces of research listed as Forbidden Knowledge will cause the player to gain an amount of Warp based upon what level of Forbidden Knowledge it rests in, those being, from least harmful to most harmful: Mostly Harmless, Minor, Moderate and Taboo. In addition to becoming Warped upon researching researches classified as Forbidden Knowledge, the items that these researches allow one to create will also Warp the player, on occasion, when they are created, but only at the moment of their creation. Although some of the Warp gained is permanent and cannot be removed, the effects of which will eventually dissipate, meaning that, if progress is slow enough, one can become very powerful through Forbidden Knowledge with minimal harm. However, Forbidden Knowledge is still very dangerous, meaning that it's up to the player to determine if the power is worth the risk of complete and utter insanity, as even when symptoms have begun to dissipate, it only takes the slightest push for them to resurface, worse than ever...

Forbidden Researches

There are 12 total Forbidden researches.

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