The Focus Pouch is both a research option under the Thaumaturgy tab and an item in Thaumcraft. The pouch is used to store Wand Foci, which can otherwise clog and clutter a Thaumaturge's inventory, and can hold up to 18 foci, with 3 rows of 6 slots each. The pouch can be researched at any time in the Thaumonomicon, but must be purchased with 3 levels of experience. The pouch can be held in the inventory or placed in the player's belt slot in the Baubles system, but the placement does not affect how quickly or easily one can access their foci. Foci must not be taken out of the pouch manually for use, and are placed back in upon being removed or switched. The Focus Pouch is crafted at the Arcane Workbench with 7 leather surrounding a Mundane Belt, with a single gold ingot in the top middle row, along with 25 Terra, Ordo and Perditio Vis.

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The crafting recipe for the Focus Pouch, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

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