Focal Manipulation is both an act and a research option under the Thaumaturgy tab, which can be researched after researching Wand Foci. Focal Manipulation is the process of applying enchantments to Wand Foci to increase the level at which they function. This is achieved through the Focal Manipulator, which is craftable after researching this topic. It is created in an Arcane Workbench using 2 gold ingots in the bottoms corners, 2 iron ingots in the top corners, a stone table in the bottom middle, craftable like a normal table, only using stone and stone slabs, a Primal Charm in the middle, and then 2 Arcane Stone on the sides, and then an Arcane Stone slab in the top middle, along with 150 of all 6 of the Primal Vis. Once crated, the Focal Manipulator can be placed down, and a Wand Focus placed inside. It will give a few different enchanting options, along with a small description of their effects and costs. To actually place the enchantment, some experience is used, and different Primal Vis, differing by enchantment and the level of which, is drawn from the Aura into the device to enchant the focus. The amounts of Vis used are usually quite large, and will all but completely drain the surrounding Aura for the aspects needed, and will continue to do so, slowly drawing from surrounding chunks, even if the Aura in the chunk it is placed is fully depleted. For this reason, it is advised to not use the Focal Manipulator in one's home, as it can quickly drain the Aura, causing Flux, and all the by-products of which, to be created. A single focus can have up to 5 enchantments placed on it, and once the enchantments have been placed, they cannot be undone. Because of this, one might carry several foci of the same kind, but with differing enchantments.

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The crafting recipe for the Focal Manipulator, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.