The Alchemy recipe for the Ethereal Bloom, as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

The Ethereal Bloom is a research option under the Alchemy tab that can be unlocked for research after researching Alchemical Manufacture and researching a Shimmerleaf plant and any Tainted item, and are also a plantable item. The only use for the Ethereal Bloom is to fight back corruption on the land, such as Eerie or Tainted Lands, and any things associated with them, such as Fibrous Taint to Tainted Lands. Any such corruptions within an 8 block radius of the plant will be slowly destroyed over time. The plant itself emits a light level of 12. The Ethereal Bloom can be planted on a variety of surfaces, not just limited to dirt or grass, and can be broken and retrieved by hand with a single left click. They can be created Alchemically using 1 Shimmerleaf as the catalyst, along with 8 Lux and 16 Victus, Vitium and Herba aspects, which yields one flower at a time. As a side note, although Taint can spread underground, the Ethereal Bloom heals the corruption of the land around it itself, meaning that Fibrous Taint cannot turn the area around it to Tainted Lands, disallowing for the Taint to continue to spread too far, unless it moves around the Ethereal Bloom, which, with the nature of caves, is entirely possible.

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