Elemental Staves are both a research under the Thaumaturgy tab, unlockable after researching Magic Staves and Elemental Wand Cores, and also a variant of the normal Staff that hold slightly more than the Standard Greatwood Staff Core, and can also regenerate their respective Primal Aspect up to 50% of their storage, that being 250 points of Vis that it can regenerate max. There are 6 different Elemental Staff Cores, all relating to their own Primal Aspect. The Elemental Staff Cores are creating in the exact same way as the Greatwood and Silverwood Staff Cores, by placing two of their respective Wand Cores diagonally in the Arcane Workbench, and topping it off with a Primal Charm, along with 56 Ordo Vis, and 56 of their respective Vis. The Elemental Staff Cores are useful for the fact that they can regenerate their own respective aspect without draining from the Aura, making them valuable for using certain Wand Foci. For example, a Thaumaturge who used their Excavation Wand Focus often would be smart to create an Obsidian Staff, as it holds, and therefore regenerates, more Vis, accrues a Vis discount to the focus , and regenerates Terra Vis, the Vis used by the Excavation Focus. This can be impractical, however, if one uses many Foci, which would lead them to the next step, or straight into, making a more advanced Staff Core, the Staff Core of the Primal.

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