Eldritch Revelation

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The Eldritch Revelation is a research option found under the Eldritch tab that cannot be researched like most, but instead is unlocked by attaining and maintaining a high Warp level until the Revelation is received. Although it offers nothing on its own, it opens up 2 pieces of research, Opening the Eye and Sinister Lodestone, the latter of which helping to find Eldritch Obelisks to perform the former on. The page itself mostly consists of nonsensical writings, but showing the player's increasing steps toward insanity. The most prominent feature of the page is Cthulhu runes, which can be translated with relative ease, if one is interested. Another prominent feature is several large ink blots along with a large 7 drawn over some of the aforementioned runes. The page can be seen below.

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The page for the Eldritch Revelations research.
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