The Alchemy recipe for Void Seeds as shown in the Thaumonomicon. Please note and excuse the us of a texture pack.

The Eldritch Epiphany is a research option found under the Eldritch tab that can not be researched like most, but instead is granted when one obtains enough Warp, but to have this research opened one must read the Crimson Rites book, which always gives enough Warp to open the research, unlocking the Eldritch tab in the process. The research allows for the creation of Void Seeds, along with opening several different research options, many of which are very powerful such as Void Metal or the Staff Core of the Primal. The research page itself is written in a manner that shows the player is beginning to descend into insanity, but it is relatively subtle, as opposed to the much more obvious rantings of the Eldritch Revelation page. The research does little otherwise.

Void Seeds

Void Seeds are a crafting component that can either be dropped by Crimson Cultists or created via Alchemy. The only use of Void Seeds is in the creation of Void Metal as of current. Void Seeds can be created in a Crucible using seeds as a catalyst with 2 Alienis and 8 Tenebrae and Vacuos aspects. It is recommended, however, to create them in the Thaumatorium. It is difficult to isolate Tenebrae or Alienis aspects on their own without an Essentia Crystallizer, and redundant because of the need for liquid Essentia to use the machine, meaning that it is simply more efficient to directly use Essentia.

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