2016-04-30 22.51.13

A small patch of Eerie land with a Sinister Node at its center; specifically, an Ignis node.

Eerie is a biome type created by Sinister Nodes. Despite appearing much darker than the biome they replaced, they have very little affect on the land around them. However, certain magical creatures, such as Pech, are able to spawn in it. Eerie Land can be reverted to normal land once again using an Ethereal Bloom. By planting the flower nearby, it will slowly revert the land to its original biome and prevent the conversion of nearby blocks to the Eerie biome again. The Node creating the Eerie biome will still replenish the Aura as per usual, and has no other affects on the land other than those mentioned above. They cause little harm and should be of little concern, disregarded as more of an annoyance than a legitimate issue.
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