Clockwork Minds is a research option found under the Golemancy tab that becomes available for research after researching Magical Metallurgy, Magic Tallow and Essentia Distillation. The research itself details the Clockwork Mind, an item that allows for the operation of Golems, the Golem Press, from which functioning Golems are created, and the basics of what Golems are and how they work, including the basic function of the Control Seal.

The recipe for the Clockwork Mind, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Clockwork Mind

The Clockwork Mind is an item used in several Infusion recipes along with being a chief component in creating Golems. They are described as being a mundane clockwork contraption with the exception of having been sped up by the use of magic, which allows for their use in Golemancy, allowing Golems to follow simple commands. The Clockwork Mind can be created at an Arcane Workbench with 5 glass panes in the top 3 and middle left and right sections, a Brass Gear in the middle section, 2 Brass Plates in the left and right bottom sections and a redstone comparator in the bottom middle section, along with 10 Ordo, Ignis and Aqua Vis.

The pattern for the Golem Press, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Golem Press

The Golem Press is a Mystical Construct consisting of, in clockwise order from top right, an anvil,a cauldron, a piston, with a set of iron bars above it, and a Stone Table, and must be created with 50 Aer, Ordo and Ignis Vis. The Golem Press is construct at which Golems are designed and subsequently assembled. The Golem Press must be fed by pipe with Machina Essentia to create Golems. When the Golem Press' GUI is opened, there are several different intractable areas. The top left slot allows one to choose the material the Golem is made from. The top right slot determines the type of head, of which some give different benefits than others. The middle right section allows for the arms and hands to be chosen, while the right bottom slot allows for the legs to be chosen. The bottom left slot allows for miscellaneous items to be added to the Golem, of which help to further increase their usefulness. In the middle area between these slots a list of the traits, positive and negative, the Golem will have are given, of which these traits are listed in the individual researches corresponding with the chosen parts. Below all of these lies a bar to which the stats, those being the health, armor and repair rate of the Golem. Finally, on the rightmost side all of the items needed to construct the Golem, along with the amount of Machina Essentia needed, are given, along with the button to construct the Golem being located just below this box and beside the Golem's stat bar. One must have all the items needed to begin the construction, but no Machina Essentia is needed until the construction is actually started, to which a shortage of leaves no consequence other than that the Golem will not be produced until it is supplied in sufficient quantities. Finally, beside this button is the slot from which to retrieve the newly constructed Golem, along with a small bar to show the progress on the Golem being located just above this slot.

The GUI for the Golem Press.

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