Thaumcraft 5 Wikia

The crafting recipe for Brass Caps, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Brass Wand Caps is a research option under the Thaumaturgy tab that is always visible, but can only be researched after researching Gold Wand Caps. Researching it allows for the creation of Brass Caps, the third tier of Caps that channels Vis at the same rate of Gold Caps, 100% cost, but increases the recharge rate of any Wand, Staff or Scepter they are used in the creation of by 1, meaning that 1 extra Vis of each kind is replenished each cycle. They can be crafted at an Arcane Workbench like any Cap using Brass nuggets, that is in a helmet like shape with Brass nuggets across the entire top row and in the middle left and right sections, along with 24 Ordo, Ignis and Aer Vis. Although considered better than Gold Caps, if faster recharge is not needed or desired, one can simply use Gold Caps not only for the aesthetic value of them, but also because of the many Thaumaturgical uses of Brass, as gold has fewer uses, although it is still used in Thaumaturgy often and is more highly valued than Brass, being harder to find and to create.


Recharge Rate: 2

Efficiency: 100%

Cost: Cheap/moderately little time (must create Brass via Alchemy)