Bottled Taint a mostly harmless Forbidden Knowledge research option found under the Alchemy tab in the Thaumonomicon that, upon being researched, allows for the creation of the Bottle of Taint. It is unlocked for research after researching any tainted item and after having researched Entropic Processing. As the name implies, it is a quite literal bottle of the aspect of Vitium that can be thrown to create liquid and gaseous taint in the area around the impact. This taints the block it was thrown on and usually results in a small patch of fibrous taint around the area impacted as well. Because of the dangerous effects of taint, it is well advised to only use Bottles of Taint in an area either extremely far away from one's home, or to use it only on and island, still far away from home at that. Taint can easily destroy homes and all of the land around it, and can spread underground, and underwater as a result, through caves, but not directly over water. Although taint is dangerous, Vitium Essentia is necessary for some Infusion recipes and to create Void Metal, making tainted objects, such as Tainted Goo and Taint Tendrils, a dangerous, but useful, prize. A Bottle of Taint can be created with 8 Vitium and Aqua aspects in a Crucible, followed by a Phial of Vitium Essentia as the catalyst. Being Forbidden Knowledge, there is a chance of gaining Warp when creating Bottled Taint.

The crafting recipe for Bottled Taint, as shown in the Thaumonomicon,

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