The Infusion recipe for the Biothaumatic Mind, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Biothaumic Minds is a Forbidden research option found under the Golemancy tab that becomes available for research after researching Clockwork Minds and Brain in a Jar, along with being an item. The Biothaumatic Mind is an advanced variant of the Clockwork Mind with several distinct differences. The Biothaumatic Mind endows Golems created with it with the Fragile and Smart trait, making them weaker, yet capable of more complex tasks. Also, Golems created with a Biothaumatic Mind are capable of advancing in rank between levels 0 and 10. As a Golem completes tasks, they can increase in rank, increasing their health, speed and attack. Because the Fragile trait can be offset by adding padding into the Biothaumatic Mind itself, this means Golems with good potential for strength and durability become available along with the Biothaumatic Mind; even if one does not wish to add padding to the Biothaumatic Mind, the increase in health can easily offset the amount subtracted by the Fragile trait. However, the Biothaumic Mind does not simply add a part to Golems, but also unlocks Advanced variants of some Seals. This adds the Smart trait to the required traits needed by the Seal, but allows for greater functionality of the Seal. Not all Seals have an Advanced variant, however. The page in the Thaumonomicon for each Seal will list if the Seal has an Advanced variant once this is researched. The Biothaumatic Mind can be created by Infusing a Clockwork Mind with a Zombie Brain and a clock, along with 16 Machina and Cognito Essentia.


  • Smart Head: Smart, Fragile
  • Armored Smart Head: Smart
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