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As the thaumaturge performs their miracles, they must also perform their cleansing; that is, of the Aura. If too much Vitium vis accumulates in the Aura, many bad and very purple events begin to take place. This page is not an exhaustive list of ways to battle Taint; it is a page of suggestion and reference, from one scholar of magic to another.

Simple solutions

The phrase simple is subjective, but the reader should agree. These solutions deal with the usage of redstone designs. A novice understanding of Redstone circuitry may be required for some. Other solutions may deal with complex redstone mechanics.


Having a small array of pistons above and below your essentia smeltery should help with quickly disposing of Flux gas and goo. Simply hooking up a lever to an array of redstone above and below the aforementioned piston arrays will cause the Flux to dissipate, as the block containing such will be replaced with either a piston face or a block attached to a sticky piston.

Observer/Flying Machines

Other Mods

Silverwood Trees

Manual Removal


Vitium Crystal Growths


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