A Thaumatorium in the process of creating a Bucket of Liquid Death with attached Essentia Tubes. Note that there is leftover Alienis Essentia still in the machine. Please also note and excuse the use of a texture pack.

Automated Alchemy is a research option under the Alchemy tab that allows one to create the Thaumatorium, which allows for the use of Essentia instead of items in Alchemy. It can be researched after researching Improved Essentia Distillation. The Thaumatorium itself is a multiblock structure created placing 2 Alchemical Constructs on top of a Crucible and imbuing it with 50 Ignis and 100 Ordo and Aqua Vis from a Wand or Staff. Although it no longer needs a source of water, the Thaumatorium still needs a heat source under it to function. It has access ports for pipes lining its sides, and can have Mnemonic Matrixes attached to allow it to store recipes for quick access. The current recipe is displayed on the front of the Thaumatorium, and the item, when it is finished, is ejected out of the front of the machine. Multiple items can and will be created, and the machine will accept Essentia until sources have run out. After this point, the Essentia will be faithfully stored in the Thaumatorium until it is used. Extra stored Essentia will not interfere with other recipes, and the machine can continue to accept Essentia and perform recipes despite the presence of other types of Essentia.

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